Allyssa & Andrew’s Engagement Session

We had an unexpected hike to get to our location but it was worth the 45 minute jaunt! Allyssa and Andrew are the sweetest souls ever and I can’t wait for their big day. Here are a few words from these two love birds!!!

A few words from Allyssa!

  • Q. How did you meet?
    A. We met off tinder, a dating app in 2016. A couple days later we decided to meet each other at Banzai in Calgary. 
  • Q. When you first met what did you notice first?
    A. His huge smile 🙂
  • Q. How did he propose?
    A. Our good friend Taylor needed pictures for her photography portfolio so we went to Rowley, Alberta to take fall pictures. It was near the end of the photo shoot when I had to have my eyes closed and when I opened them he was on one knee. He had a whole speech written down on a piece of paper which was so sweet but I kept laughing thinking he had a prop. I thought that we were playing “ the part” so Taylor could get a variety of pictures. Safe to say the ring was real ( and gorgeous! ) and his speech was the absolute best once he was able to get through it all! It was quite the surprise!
  • Q. Tell me your favourite thing about him?
    A. His smile
    He’s incredibly empathetic 
  • Q. If you could give one word to describe him, what would that word be?
    A. Compassionate 
  • Q. Your idea of a perfect date?
    A. Going out exploring new places 

A few words from Andrew!

  • Q. How did you meet?
    A. We met through Tinder. At the time I wasn’t looking for anything serious. Little did I know!
  • Q. When you first met, what did you notice first?
    A. I noticed her big smile when we first approached. As our first date when on I realized right away that she was special. We could talk about anything, enjoyed many of the same things and had similar goals in life
  • Q. How did you propose?
    A. I told Allyssa we were getting a photoshoot from a close friend to help fill their portfolio. We went to the picturesque town of Rowly, Alberta. I staged it as a fall photoshoot with pumpkins and all. Nearing the end of the day when she wasn’t expecting I had her close her eyes and I knelt down. She was so surprised that all she could do was laugh. After she collected herself she said yes!
  • Q. Your favourite thing about her?
    A. Her sense of humour. She can always brighten my day no matter the mood
  • Q. If you could give one word to describe her…what would it be?
    A. Irreplaceable 
  • Q. Your idea if a perfect date?
    A. A day trip to a scenic isolated location. We would talk, hike and have lunch together. With Allyssa the journey is just as much fun as the destination