Katherine & Chris’s Engagement Session

I am so excited to capture Katherine and Chris’s wedding next year! Due to the fact that they love the outdoors we decided to shoot their engagement session in Fish Creek Park. It was a beautiful and we had so much fun! Here our a few comments from our amazing couple!

From Katherine!

  • Q. How did you meet?
    A. A Facebook group of singles, not quite online dating but close! In the middle of covid, Aug 2020
  • Q. When you first met what did you notice first?
    A. The dimples were the first thing and then the fact that he didnt take himself too seriously.
  • Q. How did he propose?
    A. Took me out to Lake Minnewanka in January and once we’d walked out towards the middle of the frozen lake and I was admiring the view and commenting how lovely of a day it was, he got down on one knee and proposed.
    Then we made snow angels and he made a snow heart with our initials 😀
  • Q. Tell me your favourite thing about him?
    A. Chris is kind and sweet, silly and serious. We have deep conversations and arguments about silly things that dont matter.
  • Q. If you could give one word to describe him, what would that word be?
    A. Endearing
  • Q. Your idea of a perfect date?
    A. A beautiful day for a walk in the mountains with our dog Nyx and get ice cream afterwards.

From Chris!

  • Q. How did you meet?
    A. A Facebook single and social site for Calgary and Airdrie.
  • Q. When you first met, what did you notice first?
    A. Her smile.
  • Q. How did you propose?
    A. In the middle of lake Minnewanka in January while the lake was frozen over.
  • Q. Your favourite thing about her?
    A. Her uncompromising integrity
  • Q. If you could give one word to describe her…what would it be?
    A. Sassy
  • Q. Your idea if a perfect date?
    A. Anything that allows me to spend quality time with her and the doggo.