Mrs & Mrs Rodrigue’s Wedding! Flores & Pine | Bearspaw

What an unforgettable time we had photographing Jocelyn and Laura’s beautiful wedding! The natural beauty of the luxury restaurant Flores & Pine nestled in the Bearspaw countryside was the perfect backdrop for this amazing couple to exchange vows. 

Jocelyn & Laura met each other 10 years ago at work. They were good friends at first then they began dating. The rest, as they say, is history! These two are the perfect amount of tender, goofy, and loving with each other and we were so grateful to be able to share their wedding day. Jocelyn and Laura are beautiful humans whom I’m lucky enough to call friends! Here is a little more about their love in their own words:

JocelynHow did you meet? Laura describes it perfectly below!

When you first met, what did you notice first? How much our energies seemed to connect so strongly. How tall she was and funny, her laugh (which was towards me due to the mix up with farm words) made me laugh and notice her all at once.

What is your favourite thing about her? There are so many things…so hard to narrow down to only one thing! Aside from how hot, tall, muscular and funny she is…she is caring, empathetic and considerate…but holy shit she is smart! I’ve never been the dumber one in a relationship! My favorite is singing “and baby, talking nerdy to me!” Lol

If you could give one word to describe her…..what would be? Magnetic…everything about her draws me to her…

Your idea of a perfect date?Naked, wine, fireplace, isolation, no distractions ( this is after Laura’s perfect date, hers is all foreplay lol)

Laura How did you meet? We are both emergency room nurses..we met at work 10 years ago…Jocelyn had just moved here from Vancouver Island..Jocelyn was checking in a patient and walked out of the treatment room proud that she had learned another farm word…she says “now I know 2 farm words columbine and steer” I say isn’t columbine the school the got shot up, don’t you mean combine? Jocelyn spins around “omg not columbine, combine!!” She begins laughing at herself and we all laughed until we cried..

When you first met, what did you notice first? Sense of humor and how much I liked her laugh.

How did you propose? On our first vacation together on the beach in Mexico…it was a dream/fantasy Jocelyn had, that her first trip outside of Canada always included me and her….I snuck the ring into a box of jewelery and Jocelyn carried on the flight to vegas (for another wedding) then to Mexico! Since Jocelyn hasn’t flown outside of Canada I told her that you can’t pack jewelry it could get stolen….I had a bunch of costume jewelry in the box and I had cut the lining and hid the ring under everything.

What is your favourite thing about her? Jocelyn is my favorite in every way.  If I had to narrow it down to one thing it’s that she acts like such a badass in life, and you’d think she’s so tough,  but she has a serious soft spot for me.  She’s secretly so caring and loving.  If I can add one more thing, I live for her smile, and her laugh is the best sound that exists.

If you could give one word to describe her…..what would it be? Captivating 
Your idea of a perfect date? Dressed up, somewhere fancy and romantic, laughing together, I can show off my hot wife. Have deep conversations, where I tell her how much I love and admire her the whole time..