Lindsay & Jeff’s Engagement Session This Is Love | Calgary Wedding Photography

Meet Lindsay and Jeff! It is so obvious that these two absolutely adore one another! The smiles between the both of them are like nature’s scenery, so it was appropriate that we photographed their session in a nature setting. It was a perfect day and there was much laughter to be had. Lindsay and Jeff even found a geocache! This is a small waterproof treasure box hidden outdoors. Inside there was a mini paper pad where they both signed their names Needless to say, I am super excited to document their wedding next year.
Here are a few words from Lindsay and Jeff…..

From Lindsay….

  • Q. How did you meet?
    On a snowy night in February at Pinbar. My old boss had just opened his new pinball bar and I came for the opening weekend with some friends. My friend and her girlfriend took so long getting ready that we got there late and I missed the dinner I was looking forward to having. So glad I decided to go anyways! As an apology for missing my chicken fried steak, they bought me a shot at the bar and this cute guy sitting there started talking to me!
  • Q. When you first met what did you notice first?
    His charm and his wit. He made me laugh so easily! 
  • Q. How did he propose?
    On a holiday in Jasper. He took me up the skytram to the top of a mountain. The view was incredible. He set up the tripod to “take a picture” but of course it was a video! After he proposed, he had snuck up a bottle of champagne in his backpack so we had bubbles and ate cheese on the top of the mountain for a while. It was so romantic, I didn’t see it coming!
  • Q. Tell me your favourite thing about him?
    He is very good natured and positive person! Very supportive and caring with everyone in his life. Also very kind and considerate to people whether he knows them personally or not. 
  • Q. If you could give one word to describe him, what would that word be?
  • Q. Your idea of a perfect date?
    A. Dressing up a bit, walking to a cool restaurant then hitting up a microbrewery and heading home to watch a fun movie.
  • Q. What are you looking forward to the most on your wedding day?
    A. Sharing our love and commitment in front of all of our friends and family. Dancing and eating and having fun with my new husband!

From Jeff….

  • Q. How did you meet?
    In the age of online dating apps, we met the good old fashioned way, tipsy at a bar!
    I was dressed in all blue attire at a “Winter Blues” themed house party one cold, February night. The party however fizzled out earlier than expected. I made my way home, but instead of calling it a night, I decided to check out this new pinball bar that opened up across the street from my apartment. I made my way to the bar to order one last drink for the night and that’s when I noticed Lindsay to my right also ordering a beverage.

    The way we usually tell this story, her sleeve tattoo is what caught my eye. This isn’t the whole truth though. When I walked up to that bar, I noticed this tall, attractive blonde girl who had a cheerful smile on her face. Her eyes were almost squinting by the amount of smiling that she was doing. This beautiful stranger’s whole body language and demeanor told me that she has a zest for life and doesn’t care who knows it. In that moment I knew I had to talk to her. The neon light at the bar lit up her left arm revealing this intricately detailed full sleeve tattoo. That was my in. I’d talk to her about her cool body art. Thankfully she was receptive to talking to an uninked fella about her tattoo who was dressed head to toe in blue for some reason.

    The next details are bit hazy, this was late at night at a bar, after all. At some point, we two strangers ended up in a thumb wrestling match, sharing this random, playful moment together. Before we knew it the bar was shutting down for the evening and the moment came to an end. I made a quip about if only we had each other’s phone numbers to help us arrange another encounter like that. Next thing I knew we had our first date planned.
  • Q. When you first met, what did you notice first?
    Her cheerful smile and fun loving demeanor.
  • Q. How did you propose?
    I bought a ring and was waiting until the right moment to present it to Lindsay and ask the big question. Early 2021 was a challenging, but rewarding time for us both. I was laid off, interviewing for a new job, and then working from home at the new job. Lindsay would work full time during the day, returning home to study and do schoolwork in the evenings. The home office was put to good use by both of us during this time! We owed it to ourselves to go on a weekend adventure, escape the city and celebrate our recent accomplishments. This was also the perfect cover for a romantic engagement weekend.

    We decided to go to Jasper. Neither of us had even been before and we were longing to reconnect with nature. The drive there was breathtaking. The scenery was so captivating that I neglected to pay much attention to the speedometer. The $110 speeding fine from the RCMP didn’t bother me one bit. Nothing else mattered because I knew that I was on my way to ask the love of my life to marry me. As darkness fell upon us on our drive, the animals of the forest decided to greet us on the dark highway. I drove slowly as Lindsay and I worked together to identify the illuminated eyes of the various ungulates crossing the road, ensuring our safe passage to Jasper.

    The next day we had a noon picnic planned at the top of Whistler’s peak which we would get to via the Jasper SkyTram. I was nervous. In my backpack I had secretly stowed away a ring and a bottle of champagne and I didn’t want her to discover either. At the top, I scanned the rocky peak for the perfect place to ask her the question. I found a large boulder to protect us from the wind and in front of countless mountain peaks got on one knee. I said the words and she embraced me so quickly and strongly I felt the air leave my lungs. SHE SAID YES! I put the ring on her finger and we celebrated with the champagne. Literally on top of the world!
  • Q. Your favourite thing about her?
    She is the most genuine person that I’ve ever known. Every moment with her is a brief window into her beautiful soul.
  • Q. If you could give one word to describe her…what would it be?
  • Q. Your idea if a perfect date?
    Our perfect date would involve doing something new or having a nice meal where we haven’t been before. We love experiencing new things together and being adventurous!
  • Q. What are you looking forward to the most on your big day?
    I am looking forward to Lindsay and I sharing our love and commitment to each other in front of all of our closest friends and relatives. Also I imagine seeing her in her dress for the first time is going to be quite something.

  1. Maureen Hall says:

    These pictures equal the beauty and passion of the terrific couple you are photographing. Congratulations!!!

  2. Marion Thompson says:

    A truly heartwarming story with so much more to come. So happy for this awesome couple and looking forward to their wedding next July.
    With all our love –
    ♥️♥️ Dad and Marion ♥️♥️